Radicalism in Indonesia Is Not a Joke!


  • Abu Rusdan was detained late on Friday, September 10 2021 in Bekasi near the capital of Jakarta, along with three other suspected members of Jemaah Islamiyah.
  • A spokesman for Indonesia’s National Intelligence Agency (BIN), Wawan Hari Purwanto, officials have stepped up their efforts at early detection and prevention particularly toward terrorist groups that have links to the Taliban’s ideology and networks.
  • Indonesia’s police counter-terrorism unit, known as Densus 88, has swept up 53 alleged members of the Jemaah in the past weeks, across 11 different provinces.


  • The presence of terrorism threat in Indonesia is real and not a joke. They also exploit and use Afghanistan conflict as momentum to campaign their ideology.
  • Terrorism will find it hard to flourish in Indonesia, as we have competent intelligent agency and as well as dominant moderate community, Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah. Although, we still have to stay aware and stay cautious.
  • To be part of or supporting Taliban does not make us a good Muslim, as well as condemning them, does not make us infidels. Muslims are still unclear about that, especially in our society (Indonesia).(kautsar.red)

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