Looking Further at the Regional Stability Impact of the Ongoing Dispute in the Kashmir Region, Sinergi Linear made it a topic of Discussion for Debate.

Sinergi Linear holds a Debate which is one of its monthly routine activities. The debate with the theme “A sustained Dispute Over A Territory of Kashmir : Impact On Regional stability” was held online by several members of the community, Saturday (26/11).

The debate, which was divided into 2 groups, namely groups that sided with the Pakistani side and groups that sided with the Indian side, issued their opinions on the topics that had been given.

A little explanation, Kashmir, a disputed territory located at the foot of the Himalayas, is under the rule of three countries. The Kashmir border dispute is very influential and disturbing in the South Asian region, as it involves two major countries namely India and Pakistan. The dispute also occurred due to the conflict of political interests of the two countries as well as power realized through unilateral claims from India and Pakistan.

The discussion became more heated until the end of the implementation time with various arguments from both sides continuing to be put forward, which was acceptable to both of them as the final result.

The moderator who led the course of the event did not forget to give a conclusion to the results of tonight’s debate and some of the important points obtained , namely :

  • The Kashmir issue is a by product of the British colonial project in India that led to a strained relationship between Pakistan and India. The international community has showed little capacity or interest to resolve the issue for 70 long years. The issue lingered on because the new status quo benefited many actors involved in the region and some external actors that thrive on the war industry. With the Modi government acting unilaterally to revoke Article 370, the status quo has become even more firm and volatile, leaving only extreme options for both sides.
  • Peace either everywhere or nowhere : famines and instability thousands of miles away lead to conflict, despair, mass migration, and fanaticism that can affect us all
  • Untold Cost : Kashmir does’nt bleed alone; Pakistan and India bleed with it perpetually. For as long as the Kashmir continues to bleed through militarization, killings, rape, and draconian tactics, the chaos will continue to permeate and affect the lives of the people in the region
  • Rule by Fear, In today’s world we should not allow for governance and fascist practices from the 19th century. Rule by fear or force is untenable.
  • All countires have their own interest, but at all those goals are more important for world peace

The conclusions drawn from an activity are evidence of the completion of an event and this is evidence of the completion of this month’s community debate event.